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Director: María Reyndal

Producer: Glassriver

Writer: María Reyndal

Cast: Eysteinn Sigurðarson, Ebba Katrín Finnsdóttir

Genres: Drama

1 x 74’, 2 x 37’

She thought and felt one thing, he another. Teenage classic. Thrilling until it is not. The lead singer in a band shares eyes with an admirer and things get messy quick. A boyband frontsinger and a girl from school flirt hard and make out in a club bathroom stall. How far did it go? What’s too far? What gets spoken and what does not? All levels of media jump in at highspeed to report worst case scenarios, destroying friendships, rocking family and taking everyone to the edge of what’s real. And then the police investigation starts and ends in an unlikely twist.

Based on a true story, "Manners" is very realistic and artfully mixed media. Freshand unseen actors add to the realism. A kind of truth. Thrilling, suspenseful with action on the inside. Very smart. Iceland’s most watched movie on its premiering weekend.