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Director: Emily Atef

Producer: Constantin Television GmbH im Auftrag

Executive Producer: Sophie von Uslar

Writer: Frédéric Hambalek

Cast: Rosalie Thomass, Friedrich Mücke, Thomas Loibl, Hilmar Eichhorn

Genres: Drama


Maren has not had it easy. After serving her time for a violent crime and rehabilitating, she lands a second-chance and relatively rewarding job as a tow-truck driver. The owner is a sincere, supportive, trustworthy and sweet father figure. One night she finds a bag with a half million dollars in one of the cars she tows. The money is clearly from a crime. This, mixed with her husband’s accidental life in a wheelchair, causes her to feel justified in the theft of it. They really, truly could use the money for the hospital. Her old bad luck returns when the effective and brutal criminal whose money she has stolen tracks her down to recapture his cash – killing everything in his path. Who are the winners? Who are the losers?