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Producer: Bavaria Fiction, Shark TV, Warn.Bros. ITVP Deutschland

Cast: Jörg Hartmann, Anna Schudt, Aylin Tezel, Stefan Konarske

Imagining Murder

Bavaria Media International
15 Eps. x 90min., further episodes in production

The Dortmund homicide squad is as unorthodox successful at cracking violent cases as they are at failing to nurture normal personal lives. Four detectives make up an odd team unsurprisingly fraught with tension. Chief inspector Peter Faber is the opposite of a team player. He barks surreal orders and has no ear for dissent, especially from his rebellious young underling Daniel. But Faber possesses the uncanny ability to empathize himself into the mind and motive of psychopathic criminals. He becomes the criminal’s shadow. His perfect complement is chief inspector Martina Boenisch, who instead intuitively slips into the victim’s mind for clues. Their colleagues are young inspectors Nora and Daniel, who struggle to keep their hot-and-cold affair a secret. Bizarre cases push the detectives to the brink and beyond.

ARD Network’s contemporary and hard-boiled crime series IMAGINING MURDER leads the primetime market at 27% of share and viewership is climbing toward 9.69 million. The show’s investigative team is a gripping blend of archetypally relatable police personalities and stars newcomer Rick Okon (“Das Boot” Sky network series) as inspector Pawlak. Dortmund’s steely metropolitan backdrop amplifies each case’s dynamic.

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