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Director: Sebastian Marka

Producer: Sommerhau Filmproduktion

Executive Producer: André Zoch

Cast: Friedrich Mücke, Laura de Boer, Aram Tafreshian, Jan Krauter

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, TV Movie

Exit - #1NFIN1TY

Bavaria Media International

Holograms and artificial intelligence have started to fulfill what we miss, maybe also what we want. That’s the future. Or is it just an illusion preying on the depths of hope? The year is 2047. Tokio. A team of three startup entrepreneurs and friends develop, promote and sell an AI technology to digitally replicate existence. Humanity never again must mourn a loss. And now it is time to make money on it. Exit is at once the strategy but also the trap. On the eve of a lucrative deal to sell the startup technology, friendships and love get twisted and disappear – are deleted. Now it’s not a game anymore. We ask ourselves whether reality prevails and what that reality is any more.

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