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Producer: MARAN Film GmbH

Cast: Richy Müller, Felix Klare

Genres: TV Movie

Crimescapes - Scales of Justice

Bavaria Media International
13 Eps. x 90 min

Stuttgart isn’t the tight-fisted, hard-working southern German backdrop it once was. Big money and bustle brought corruption and crime as it always does. Inspectors Thorsten Lannert and Sebastian Bootz, together with straight-laced, hometown office drone Daniel Vogt, have chosen this as the place to make a stand for justice. Lannert’s older and a former undercover cop from Hamburg. He transferred to Stuttgart after a life-changing event. A lone wolf. Work and the buzz of action drive him. 30-something Bootz is a criminal psychologist, married, kids and maintains an inner balance that doesn’t let career define him. Despite an age difference, Lannert and Bootz see eye-to-eye: shared respect, openness and cleverness light their way.

A solid fan base follows the big-city crime series. The vibrant, complimentary team of Lannert & Bootz drives the series with passion for their cases no matter the obstacles. Viewers are drawn in on two rewarding and involving levels. Thriller crime tension sets the natural hook of intelligent curiosity. And relevant social realities mirror viewer concerns and engage their opinions.

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