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Director: Wolfgang Murnberger

Producer: Allegro Film for ORF, ARD Degeto with the support of Fernsehfonds Austria, Cinestyria

Cast: Harry Prinz, Anny Unterberger, Miriam Stein

Genres: Drama

10 x 90 min.

Two dyed-in-the-wool Austrian police officers from very different sides of the tracks make for an unlikely team to solve the twisted rural crimes in the insular Alpine countryside. Their age difference, innuendo and general teasing make for a charming and often witty friction – they get along in a peculiar way. The lead inspector is a chain-smoking, frustrated macho, and an experienced officer longing for the city. His female partners are young, ambitious and at home in Austrian country etiquette and lifestyle.

Richly-plotted, movie-length crime series designed for primetime. Stunning nature and small-town flair are the backdrop. Some tricky romantic situations as sidenotes lighten the crime side and access the bucolic Alpine setting. Based on the characters from the bestselling Austrian novels by Claudia Rossbacher, “Cold Valleys” has become a brand in its home country, reaching a stable market share of over 25 % on Free TV in prime time.