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Director: André Hörmann, Katrin Milhahn

Producer: Kurhaus Production

Executive Producer: Christoph Holthof, Daniel Reich

Cast: Levi Eisenblätter, Jonas Oeßel, Marc Limpach, Meike Droste, Steffen Schroeder

Genres: Kids

96 min.

Paul’s dad is the archetypal dreamer who disappears looking for his holy grail, his white whale – an undiscovered cave described in legends. The town considers Paul’s dad a madman and homelife has become difficult for Paul. He inherited his father’s misanthropy. He misses his dad and their shared passion for imagination terribly and decides to run away with a best friend from school to continue his dad’s search. They venture off into the woods and follow the clues in Paul’s father’s notebook. The boys face challenges far greater than they had ever imagined. They face many fears and discover many inner strengths. It’s a journey and a dream kept alive. Is the cave of legends and sagas just a specter or does the duo open-up a hidden world no one could have dreamt of?

An award-winning film with fresh, young and sincere acting. Universal family relatability. Huckleberry Finn meets Indiana Jones; hidden treasure with a payoff and journey packed with adventure and the archetypal and foreboding danger lurking in the woods. Modern themes like depression, isolation and young confusion are tastefully woven-in.