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Producer: Remarkable

Genres: Entertainment

Your Garden Made Perfect

Banijay Rights
6 x 60’

As outside spaces become increasingly important to homeowners, Your Garden Made Perfect gives viewers breathtaking and innovative inspiration ideas on how to transform their gardens into the most desirable space in their house.

Your Garden Made Perfect uses cutting edge technology and VR (virtual reality) to show owners the true potential of their outdoor areas. Standing in digital versions of their uninspiring plots, an extraordinary transformation will take place, revealing spaces that fundamentally improve the way people live.

In each episode, competing designers will go head-to-head producing their vision of how a neglected space could be reimagined. The owners must then decide which ingenious design to turn into reality.

It’s designer v designer as they vie to win the commission and build their garden in real-life, but the ultimate goal is a new space that allows the family to live in a way they could previously only dream of.

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