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Producer: Endemol Shine Australia

Genres: Entertainment, Reality

1 x 60' + 9 x 90'

In the rugged Alps of New Zealand’s southern island, a group of 14 strangers will embark on an epic quest unlike anything ever seen before.

With their backpacks containing an equal share of 1 million dollars, the group must reach the peak of a distant mountain in just 14 days to win the cash they’re carrying.

Along the journey they’ll need to work as a team as they tackle dangerous terrain, wild conditions and overcome adrenaline-charged challenges that block their path to the mountain.

But what happens when members of the group fall behind, will the rest of the trekkers slow down and risk not reaching the mountain in time? Or will they cut them loose and press ahead to cash in?

Hosted by Australian actor Jai Courtney, Summit is a game of trust, greed and betrayal. A thrilling marathon of endurance, the 14 climbers will have their morals tested, physical limits pushed to breaking point and bonds broken.

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