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Producer: 72 Films

Genres: Factual

4 x 60’

Boris is the definitive documentary series that reveals the events that shaped Alexander Boris De Pfeffel Johnson, his meteoric rise to power and his extraordinary premiership.

Through a combination of rare archive footage and with access to those with intimate knowledge of Johnson over the years, the series will hear from both his friends and enemies to reveal his true persona. The films will give greater insight into his actions, his ambition and the real events that have shaped modern British politics.

The series divulges how the seeds of political rivalries still being felt in British politics all began in the corridors at Eton, where Johnson beat David Cameron to the prestigious role of School Captain, and how he sharpened his skills whilst campaigning for Student President at Oxford. It also explores his rise and rise as a politician, becoming mayor of London and finally achieving his dream job: Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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