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Director: Matt Pinder

Producer: Firecrest Films

Genres: Factual

Murder Case Season 2

Banijay Rights
2 x 60’

The BAFTA Scotland winning series returns with more unparalleled and intimate access to Police Scotland’s Major Investigations Team and their dogmatic pursuit of justice.

Filmed over the course of 2 years by award winning filmmaker Matt Pinder, this new two-part series goes behind the scenes on some of the most complex and shocking murder investigations in Scotland and shines a light on what it’s like to be a homicide detective.

Gaining unprecedented access to the unit based in Glasgow – the series is on the shoulder of this extraordinary group of detectives. By living in the moment of what the detectives see and experience, Murder Case gives viewers a visceral account of their work. From the crime scene to the courts, through illuminating forensic examinations, meticulous CCTV analysis and heart-breaking testimony from victim’s families, the most appalling crimes are unravelled in dramatic real time.

Episode one, Captured on Camera, looks at the brutal assault that left 37-year-old Paul Mathieson fighting for his life on a street in Renfrew. When Paul succumbs to his injuries, a murder investigation is launched by the MITs. Despite the full assault being captured on grainy CCTV, the investigation becomes a complex ‘whodunnit’ inquiry when the perpetrator cannot be identified and disappears from the scene. For over five months some of the most skilled detectives in Scotland work tirelessly to try and identify the suspect. A lack of forensic evidence and unreliable witness testimony lead them down a series of dead ends. Will DCI Martin Fergus and his team ever get the break they need to provide answers for Paul’s bereaved and anguished family?

Episode two, Inside the Inquiry, delves deeper into the nature of what it means to investigate homicide by following the MIT detectives across a number of different cases. These are the women and men who go to the very worst crime scenes and deal with the very worst offenders, trying to find answers to situations that defy explanation. Through gripping actuality sequences and revealing interviews, we discover what it's like to work on such devastating cases as the murder of Alesha MacPhail and many others.

Murder Case gives a unique insight into the work of Police Scotland’s Major Investigations Team as they look to maintain their exceptional track record in solving murders and complex criminal investigations in Scotland.

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