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Genres: Drama

4 x 60’

Near the French-German border, in the heart of the Black Forest and the binational military base, twelve bodies are found in a mass grave. All the victims are men, both French and German, whose murders were committed over a period of three decades.

It soon becomes clear that Judge Camille Hartmann (Hélène de Fougerolles, Balthazar) has a close connection to the case. But after a car accident a year earlier, Camille lost her memory and any recollection of the incident has been sidelined... How is she connected to the murders? What could she have discovered just before the accident?

By joining forces with a young German police officer, Erik Maes (Gregory Fitoussi, St Tropez), and veteran officer, Franz Agerland (Tcheky Karyo, The Missing, Baptiste), the investigating judge hopes to shed light on this case, but also on her own past… This macabre discovery will come to revive memories that Camille Hartmann believed were buried.

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