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Producer: DRY Media
Genres: Entertainment, Factual, Format
People: DRY Media
Fully Booked


Why listen to one critic when you can get reviewed by a fully booked restaurant instead? This fun competition turns a panel of 30 diverse everyday Italians into a panel of returning judges who decide the fortunes of competing restaurateurs. Our lovable yet demanding jury is split into eight tables, each representing a different type of customer: from lovebirds to pensioners, gourmets to Instagrammers and of course the host’s table with a different celebrity guest each time. Each group expects different things from their dining experience and will grade accordingly – were the experts convinced by the chef’s technique? Are the pensioners pleased with the value for money? But most of all, was it really good according to each table? At each stop of this delicious food journey, the panel will fill up two new rival restaurants before giving their winning verdict.

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