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Producer: Jarowskij Finland

Genres: Drama

10 x 60’

Maria always dreamed of being a lawyer but ended up the chief of the homicide unit in the suburb of Espoo, Helsinki in Southern Finland.

She swore she would never date a cop but ended up falling in love with a colleague. Maria wants to start a family but knows that as a detective she is always risking her own safety. She is afraid of making bad decisions yet finds herself in emotional turmoil.

In each episode, Maria Kallio is faced with a new murder case. Each case reflects a problem within modern Finnish society, a society often classed as the happiest in the world. As a detective, Maria Kallio uses her instincts to makes decisions and understand the killer’s motive. She knows that every murderer leaves a trace, and the trace will eventually lead Maria Kallio to the killer. Maria prioritises her work above everything else in her life.

This trait makes her a perfect detective, but when the murder is solved, she is uncapable of playing the leading role in her own life. Maria soon learns that in order truly excel in her work she must let her guard down in her personal life. It’s a painful and experience but her aim is to live in a world where the victims will get justice and the murderers will get caught, so she is prepared to risk leaving her comfort zone.