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Director: Richard Jarnhed, Per Simonsson

Producer: Lotta Westberg

Writer: Per Simonsson, Lovisa Milles, Moa Herngren, Peter Lindblom, Richard Jarnhed

Cast: Hedda Stiernstedt, Filip Berg, Alida Morberg, Bahar Pars, André Eriksen, David Nzinga, David Larsson, Anja Landgré, Ester Uddén

Genres: Drama, Format

Black Lake

Banijay Rights
8 x 45’

In season 2, a small boat on the Stockholm archipelago drops a motley array of people on an apparently deserted island. The island is called Kallskär and it has a dark history. This is where cholera patients were transported in the 19th century, refugees from the Baltic states were held during the war, and then troublesome delinquents in the 1970s.

With its dramatic coastline, the island has always been an ill-fated place dealing in matters of life and death, and now it is the headquarters for life coach Uno Leijon, where he runs a treatment centre for addicts. He works on the premise of “breaking down and building back up”. For two weeks lost souls have to endure his methods, without any possibility of them leaving the island.

Johan, Minnie, Vincent, Oscar, Isabell and Amina have different reasons for being there. A trying time awaits them, both physically and mentally. And the dramatic past of the island makes its presence felt. As the course of treatment starts to fall apart, an old murder mystery is brought to light. Is history about to repeat itself?

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