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Producer: Frantic Films
Genres: Comedy, Drama
People: Frantic Films
Baroness von Sketch Show

Series 4: 10 x 30’

Baroness von Sketch Show is a critically acclaimed television show and internet sensation. Sketches like ‘Red Wine Ladies,’ ‘Dry Shampoo,’ ‘Fitbit,’ and ‘We’re At The Cottage’ have been enjoyed millions of times by audiences worldwide.

In a brand new season, the foursome return to celebrate the absurdity of modern life with their unique blend of relatable characters and biting satire.

The series explores the idea that “humanity is in an awkward phase right now.” Sketches examine the larger issues we face, like dread about the state of the planet, gender politics, and flat earthers, to the smaller individual pains of being human – the impossibility of taking a good selfie, pee on toilet seats, and the joys of eating your own placenta.

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