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Producer: Jarowskij, Brommamamma, Film I Väst, Nent Group

Genres: Drama

A Class Apart

Banijay Rights
8 x 60’

At Sweden’s top ranked boarding high school there is a secret society for the super-rich, the Zebra Club. On the night of the new semester the selected few indulge in the hazing of two new members. The following morning, one of them is found dead.

Sara Boden, a passionate counsellor at the public school nearby is fighting budget cuts and the school principal.

When one of her troubled students is falsely accused of the murder she reacts on social media, criticising the boarding school and stirring up emotions in the community.

In an attempt to save the boarding school’s reputation, Sara their biggest critic, is offered employment by the devious owner Carl. She accepts the position in order to find the truth behind the murder and expose the mechanism of power.

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