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Banijay Rights


Banijay Rights

Company overview

Leading independent global distributor, Banijay Rights, represents a world-class, multi-genre portfolio of over 88,000 hours of standout programming. Leading distribution for the largest international creator and producer, Banijay, the division handles the exploitation of some of the planet’s best scripted and non-scripted brands. READ MORE

Programming Profile

Escapism-heavy slate from Banijay Rights

Topicality and escapism are the two big themes emerging from Banijay Rights’ C21 Digital Screening, on both the scripted and unscripted side.


While it is difficult to predict anything too far into the future just now, if you had to hazard a guess at audience demands then escapism and topicality are likely to feature quite highly on your list of programme choices.


Escapism to take them away from a world where they’re not allowed to leave the house and topicality because the world has changed so much in such a short space of time content not reflecting it could easily look dated.


For a distributor like Banijay Rights, which shops both scripted and unscripted content, it could be fair to assume the escapism would come from the drama and the topicality from the factual, but there’s plenty of both on both sides of the slate.



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Alex Le Merle

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Elliott Chalkley

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