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Home > Screenings > Banijay Entertainment > Black Lake: Dystopia (Season 3)

Producer: Jarowskij

Genres: Drama

8 x 60’

Small town girl, Tess, accompanies her boyfriend Leo to an abandoned factory deep within a Swedish forrest, where he and his friends are hosting Scandinavia’s biggest LARP (live action role play) event.

All participants, except Tess, are professional LARPers and she struggles to fit in. When the friends are not preparing for the event they are planning to party with barbeque-evenings by the lake. Tess and Leo are also hoping to mend their torn relationship after her infidelity, but things become even more complicated when love appears in an unexpected way.

In spite of the caretaker’s warning, the group start up the abandoned factory’s electricity system. What they don’t know is that a gruesome human sacrifice has occurred there and by turning the power on, they awaken an evil force within the building.

What starts as a game soon becomes a fight for survival, where no one knows who to trust, and where friends become enemies.