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Producer: Yellow Bird, ARD Degeto and Film I Vast

Genres: Drama

6 x 60’

Based on Leif GW Persson’s novel Can You Die Twice?, this series revolves around detective Evert Bäckström, a man famous for having solved 99% of all cases he has taken on.

In season 3, without his boss' approval, Bäckström travels to Palma with Niemi to follow up on a trail of the murder of his childhood friend Sally – the detective's only unsolved murder case.

When a Swedish man is found dead at the hotel, Bäckström starts his own investigation, something that is not appreciated by the local police. At the same time, a bomb detonates in central Stockholm, which is suspected to be connected to the Tälje cartel. Bäckström uses his unconventional methods to find clues.

The two murder cases and the explosion in Stockholm seem to be connected in some way. But will Bäckström get the answers he needs in the case surrounding his childhood friend Sally to finally come to peace?