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Executive Producer: David Notman-Watt
Cast: Shaun Ryder
Genres: Entertainment
Demographics: 18-30
People: Shaun Ryder
Shows: Shaun Ryder on UFOs
Companies: Back2Back Productions
Shaun Ryder on UFOs

8 x 46'

Happy Mondays front man and I'm a Shaun Ryder is a life-long UFO believer. In this series we follow Shaun as he embarks on a world-wide investigation uncovering the secrets, myths and experiences of the experts and eccentrics who are in close contact with outer space.

A road trip of epic proportions, Shaun's quest for truth will lead us through the USA, the Mayan ruins of Peru and Chile, and the aboriginal cave paintings of Australia. Having himself come into contact with extra-terrestrials, this is a no-holds barred, brutally honest quest for the truth.

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