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Director: Rebecca Thomas (Ep1), Silas Howard (Ep2-3,5-6), Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Ep4,7-10)

Producer: Debbie Hayn-Cass (Ep1), Deb Spidell (Ep2-10)

Executive Producer: Stephanie Swedlove, Josh Thomas, Jon Thoday, Richard Allen-Turner, David Martin, Kevin Whyte, Jess Meyer

Writer: Josh Thomas (Ep1-3,9-10), Marissa Berlin (Ep2,6-7), Vivienne Walshe (Ep2,7-8), Jess Meyer (Ep3,9), Hye Yun Park (Ep4), Catya McMullen (Ep5)

Cast: Josh Thomas, Kayla Cromer, Maeve Press, Adam Faison

People: 5-6), 6-7), 7-10), 7-8), 9, 9-10), Adam Faison, Catya McMullen (Ep5), David Martin, Deb Spidell (Ep2-10), Debbie Hayn-Cass (Ep1), Hye Yun Park (Ep4), Jess Meyer, Jess Meyer (Ep3, Jon Thoday, Josh Thomas, Josh Thomas (Ep1-3, Kayla Cromer, Kevin Whyte, Maeve Press, Marissa Berlin (Ep2, Rachel Lee Goldenberg (Ep4, Rebecca Thomas (Ep1), Richard Allen-Turner, Silas Howard (Ep2-3, Stephanie Swedlove, Vivienne Walshe (Ep2

Everything's Gonna Be Okay

Avalon Distribution
1x44’, 9x20’

Australian twenty-something Nicholas is left to take care of his two American teenage half-sisters after the death of their father. Nicholas hasn’t been particularly present in his siblings’ lives, and now his sisters have to cope with not only a devastating loss but the reality that their neurotic, ill-equipped brother is all they have. But he tries! He tries so, so hard.

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