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Pitchees: Steven Friedman (writer/creator) and Edvard van‘t Wout (producer)

No Good Deed
A show that’s as nail-bitingly suspenseful as it is highly topical, No Good Deed takes audiences through a Hitchcockian maze of paranoia and doubt, while confronting them with their own (latent) prejudices. This makes for a unique and riveting thriller-drama that truly has something to say about the world we live in.

Kate Fischer works as the Germany correspondent for a major UK newspaper and lives with her husband, Noah, and two children in an affluent suburb of Berlin. Driven by a desire to help those in need, Kate lambasts her fellow suburbanites for voting against the construction of a reception centre for Syrian refugees in their neighborhood.

When a friend introduces Kate to an organisation that matches refugees with host families, Kate convinces her husband to welcome a refugee into their home. This is Samir Daoud, a charming teacher from Homs. He instantly becomes a part of the family.

Before long, though, cracks start to appear in Samir’s story. Her husband discovers the friendly young Syrian is not who he claims to be and might even have links to a terror group. For Kate, this is unthinkable, but when Noah goes missing on a business trip, her own inquisitiveness kicks in and against her unwavering convictions she discovers her husband might be right.

As the story twists and turns, Kate finds herself pulled into a maelstrom of dread and deception, where nobody can be trusted and she, much like Samir, might be used by a dark organisation with wicked intentions.

Project Information:
Genre: Thriller-drama
Format: 8x50’
Writer: Steven Friedman
Director: David Berron (in talks)
Producer: Edvard van‘t Wout
Partners: Currently in talks with several development and coproduction partners
Development stage: Script development and raising funding
Planned shooting start:N/A
Shooting location: Berlin, Germany, but other locations are possible
Languages: English
Total budget: €7.4m (estimate)
Budget per episode: €925,000 (estimate)
Financing already in place: 2CFilm qualifies for funds like the Dutch Production Incentive and we have extensive experience in financing projects with the Belgian Tax Shelter and other local funds.

Looking for from the International Business: We’re interested in discussing coproduction and are also looking for a commissioning platform and presales to get this story made.

Company profile:
2CFilm is an internationally active film and television production company. Headquartered in Amsterdam, 2CFilm has established itself as a creative breeding ground for ambitious and talented film and television creators, working on behalf of or in coproduction with commercial broadcasters such as ZDF Enterprises, France TV Distribution and Netflix. With a focus on high-quality storytelling, 2CFilm operates on the cutting edge of creative content and financial efficacy.

Rokin 95
1012 KM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Edvard van‘t Wout
E: [email protected]
T: +31 6222 33 911