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Producer: smac, Autentic

Genres: Documentary


1. Of Flying Foxes and Thermographics
While the Tolga Bat Hospital is looking after endangered flying foxes, researchers are using thermographic cameras to search for flying foxes and koalas. But they can also detect bush and wildfire more quickly.

2. Of Sea Turtles and Diving Robots
The Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Center (CTRC) raises and cares for sick, or injured turtles, while the Schmidt Ocean Institute goes on a diving mission with a high-tech underwater rover. In this way, we learn firsthand about the state of Australia's sensitive marine animals' natural habitat and what needs to be done to ensure their survival.

3. Of Wombats and Vaccines
Tasmania's Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary used to be a traditional wildlife park - now it is an innovative and active wildlife sanctuary and home to the famous Tasmanian Devil, to wombats, and many other native species. But unfortunately, "Tassie Devils" are particularly endangered by the Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD). We accompany the team of young, ambitious scientists on their fight against the disease.

4. Of Koalas and Drones
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary was opened in 1927 at a time when Koalas were still being killed on a large scale for the fur trade. Today, hardly anything threatens the natural habitats of these animals as much as the desertification of the forests. We let the drones fly and are there when a new tree is planted.

5. Of Kangaroos and Species Conservation
Visiting the fenced nature reserve Arid Recovery in southern Australia, we witness the care of an injured kangaroo and follow researchers at the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre near Brisbane as they train native animals to detect tracks of threatening predators and then move to safety.

6. Of Fairy Penguins and GPS Trackers
Australia's largest fur seal colony is located on Phillip Island. Night after night, a breathtaking spectacle takes place here: At sunset, countless fairy penguins return from their hunt for fish. In the station near the penguin colony, pioneering scientific research is conducted around the cute animals. We learn how dedicated scientists are trying to secure the future of the fairy penguins with the help of GPS trackers.