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Whatever May Come

3 x 52’, 120’

Christian Vogel is 34 years old when he fulfils his heart's desire: to travel around the world on a motorbike. He quits his apartment and his job. Having just recently fallen in love, he finds it particularly difficult to say goodbye: how long he will not see his girlfriend and his family? Well equipped with knowledge of tire repairing and unconventional medical procedures, he begins his journey into the unknown. A journey that holds not only spectacular moments and unforgettable experiences but also great dangers and challenging obstacles. This journey is an adventure. Without a script. Without actors. A story like life itself. It tells of love, confidence, fear, curiosity and failure, and encounters what it takes to ride alone on a motorcycle around this earth. After 22 countries, 333 days and over 50,000 kilometres on the roads, he returns home. With his story that has indeed become a film. More than 400 hours of self-made film footage have been utilized for this series. The result is more than an exciting documentary about the experience of life on a two-wheeler.

Whatever May Come is a story about the courage to rise to any challenge and to overcome your fears. Because behind the next curve there might be a breath-taking view of the landscape or an abyssal sandpit.

But Whatever May Come is also a journey to the people of our world - and therefore ultimately a journey to ourselves.

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