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Director: Paul Russel, Andrea Vogt
Producer: Millstream Films, Autentic
Writer: Paul Russel, Andrea Vogt
Genres: Documentary
People: Andrea Vogt, Autentic, Millstream Films, Paul Russel
What Went Wrong - Countdown To Catastrophe

6 x 52’

1. Morandi Bridge:
A deep dive into the engineering of the Morandi Bridge and what might have caused it to collapse, killing 43 people, in August 2018.

2. Grenfell Tower Fire:
The story of the engineering, design and sociopolitical factors that led to the catastrophic 2017 Grenfell Tower fire that killed 72 people in London.

3. Eschede Train Disaster:
An in depth review of Germany’s worst ever rail disaster and the engineering oversights that allowed it to happen.

4. Challenger Shuttle Disaster:
The story of the shuttle challenger disaster and the engineering and operation oversights that caused the shuttle to break apart in the sky as millions of Americans watched live.

5. Concorde Air Crash:
The story of how the supersonic Concorde aircraft crashed and burned into the aviation history books.

6. Malaysia Airlines MH 370:
Top aviation experts share their theories about the mysterious whereabouts and final fate of Malaysia Airlines MH370.

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