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Director: Philipp Grüll

Producer: BR, arte

Genres: Documentary


His nickname? The Tailor, because he supposedly has a tailor-made technical solution ready for any application, no matter how difficult. Despite the efforts of many intelligence agencies, his network is still operating and he remains on the list of fugitives. And this at a time when missiles and nuclear warheads are becoming a tangible threat to humanity.

Arms trade expert Philipp Grüll, Pulitzer Prize winners Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer follow Karl Lee’s trail across four continents, from Washington and New York to Tel Aviv, from Europe to Teheran, Beijing and to Karl Lee’s factory in northeastern China. Theys tell the story of this phantom and of the secret hunt for him. Their documentary gives unique insights into the world of intelligence services and diplomacy. At the same time, this film is a lesson about the powerlessness of the West and the rise of China – and a merciless look at the new world order.