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Vistas of Longing

5 x 45’

These proverbial landscapes of renowned artists are actually inspired replicas of nature’s creations. Watch as we link famous paintings with the primal forces of nature. Some say it was the gleaming white light of southern France that cultivated impressionism. Others ponder whether or not a spell was casted on Casper David Friedrich by the chalk cliffs of Rügen. Art history majors study William Turner’s commitment to his craft as he let himself be tied to a ship’s mast to transfer the destructive scene of the rough Wallisian Sea onto canvas. Now, via animation we create visually spectacular transitions between paintings and real landscapes giving the impression of moving between the worlds of Cézanne, Picasso, and co. The tableaus are the landscapes of their soul. Through new documentary footage, we link the paintings with various aspects of the region highlighting the mystical allure of the primal forces of nature. The protagonists – the present day inhabitants of these landscapes – provide for an excellent connection between the past and the present by helping us to trace the artistic magic of these painters.

1. Caspar David Friedrich and Rügen
2. Paul Cézanne and the Provence
3. William Turner and Wales
4. Pablo Picasso and Barcelona
5. Tizian Vecellio and Venetia

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