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Director: Michael Cordero, Juliane Kussmann, Maik Gizinski, Babette Hnup

Producer: Elb motion pictures for NDR, Nordmedia

Genres: Documentary

2 x 45’

Rugged cliffs, surfing paradises, steep vineyards and villages with centuries-old traditions: the train takes you from Portugal's west coast to the Spanish border in the northeast, a journey of discovery characterized by a variety of colors, landscapes and climates. The FEVE narrow-gauge railroad takes you through the contrasting landscape of northern Spain. From Bilbao in the Basque Country via Santander in Cantabria to Asturias. The train takes a good eight hours to cover 300 kilometers. A journey at the speed of earlier centuries, through a region that has retained its originality to this day.

1. In the Heart of Portugal
2. Spain's Green North