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Director: Gabriele Rose

Producer: Stefan Bomhof

Genres: Documentary


Little known in Germany and Europe, but a heroine in Brazil: Aracy Moebius de Carvalho was a young Brazilian who saved the lives of numerous Jews in Hamburg during the Third Reich. This film tells their story. This happened at the Brazilian consulate, where she issued false visas to those seeking help. By doing so, Aracy risked her freedom, violating both the inhumane policies of her host country and those of her homeland, where President Getúlio Vargas ruled in a dictatorial manner.

She made a living whilst also a single mother with her son in crisis-ridden Germany and had a romance with the greatest Brazilian writer of her time, Joao Guimaraes Rosa, who later became her husband. Aracy, a courageous woman - worshiped in Brazil as the "Angel of Hamburg" and honored as "Righteous Among the Nations" at Yad Vashem. It shows that one person can change the destiny of many people with a simple act.

The film thrives on the transition between emotional re-enactments that enable an intensive look at Aracy as a person, and between historical documents, film and photo recordings, which allow the viewer to understand the era. Interviews with experts, Aracy's relatives and descendants of the rescued Jews help to classify the historical events.