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Director: Andrew Killawee

Producer: Amanda Woodcock,Caley Maclennan

Executive Producer: John Wesley Chisholm

Writer: John Wesley Chisholm

Cast: Robert Hieronimus,Fallon Taylor,Robert Skinner,John Wesley Chisholm

Genres: Documentary

People: Amanda Woodcock, Andrew Killawee, Caley Maclennan, Fallon Taylor, John Wesley Chisholm, Robert Hieronimus, Robert Skinner

The Woodstock Bus - Finding The Light

Autentic Distribution
5 x 52’, 1 x 60’

Meet Dr. Hieronimus Bob and his companions as they share the story of the bus, Woodstock, and the big idea of a new age of peace and love represented by this magic bus.
It’s hard to imagine in our age of digital communication but the most interesting part of Woodstock is how the word of the festival was communicated and how so many people got there. Over 400,000 people learned of the event and either got tickets or were moved to just go. It’s a lasting testament to the fact that there really was a counter-culture movement at that moment in America; more powerful, engaged and active than any that had ever been seen before. Many in the establishment believed a confrontation, probably violent in spite of all the peace talk, was inevitable.
Even today it’s hard to get 400,000 activists out to an event. Through the stories of Dr. Bob, Light and the Woodstock bus we learn exactly how the movement got moved.

1. The Woodstock festival, the bus, and it’s story
2. Dude Where’s My Bus
3. The Restoration
4. The Art
5. On the Road, The Anniversary Tour

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