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Director: Tomas Kaan,Joey Boink,Robert Oey
Producer: Topkapi Nonfiction,Frans van Gestel,Arnold Heslenfeld
Executive Producer: Renee Janssen
Genres: Documentary
People: Arnold Heslenfeld, Frans van Gestel, Joey Boink, Renee Janssen, Robert Oey, Tomas Kaan, Topkapi Nonfiction

6 x 50’

In this series we ask the seemingly simple questions. Where did the money come from or who benefited from the terrible carnage caused? Who did the training and why? Who rented the facilities? And why is it when a terrorist in Jemen picks up his phone, a red flag shows up on a computer screen in Washington? By piecing the details together, aided by the passing of time and the willingness of people to talk, we dig into the complexities of terrorism and discover that in the world of terrorism nothing is ever what it seems. The only thing you can be certain of is that terrorists and their hunters, more often than not, are quite familiar with each other.

1. King David Hotel in Jerusalem, 1946
2. Milk Bar in Algiers, 1956
3. Summer Olympics in Munich,1972
4. Bologna’s Grand Central Station, 1980
5. USS Cole in Jemen, 2000
6. Breivik's Massacre in Oslo and Utoya, 2011

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