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Producer: GiUMa Produzioni, Discovery Italy

Genres: Documentary

Snow Lords

Autentic Distribution

The Marzolas are also known as the “snow lords” and they manage a turnover of millions of Euro in the biggest ski area in the world: Dolomiti Superski. However, not everyone is aware of the other side of the coin. Preparing for a winter season is a demanding task, subject to the vagaries of the weather, with hundreds of people to coordinate, snowcats to manage, snow guns to position with the use of helicopters, snow to be produced, cable systems to be tested and a famous mountain lodge to be reopened, while thousands of tourists are waiting to enjoy the most exclusive winter sports holidays in the world. It is a fresh challenge for Igor Marzola each year in October, in the face of climate change and all the unexpected hitches. Will he make it in time this year too?

See what happens next season in SNOW LORDS: THE SERIES. Stay tuned!

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