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Director: Nadja Frenz,Steven Galling,Sabine Howe
Producer: Vincent TV,RBB,NDR,arte
Executive Producer: Nadja Frenz
Writer: Sabine Howe
Genres: Documentary
People: Arte, Nadja Frenz, NDR, RBB, Sabine Howe, Steven Galling, Vincent TV
Shows: Secrets of Arabia
Companies: Autentic Distribution GmbH
Secrets of Arabia

5 x 52’

Shrouded in legend and mystery, the seven countries of the Arabian Peninsula with their amazing landscapes and ancient kingdoms are facing a rapid change. In fact, the black gold bubbling out of the sand catapulted most of the seven countries almost overnight into modern times.

Nevertheless, innumerable folk festivals, the promotion of ancient craftsmanship and the preservation of ancient sites testify to the great historical consciousness of the Arabs. The countries are diverse in their individuality and despite vast wealth great importance is attached to history and traditions. The series features the exotic peninsula with its grandiose nature and unique cultural monuments and presents a fascinating juxtaposition of progress and tradition.

1. Saudi-Arabia – The West
2. Saudi-Arabia – The East
3. Once upon a time … Fairy Tale Oman
4. United Arab Emirates
5. Little Neighbours – Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait

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