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Director: Fergus Gill

Producer: Terra Mater Studios, Maramedia, Skyland Productions, Doclights, Naturfilm, BBC Scotland

Genres: Documentary


Scotland is moving into a new age of the Wild. As climate change, shrinking habitats and an ever-increasing human population make their indelible mark, the natural world here must make a heroic stand if it’s to even remain a shadow of what it was. Yet, despite this pressure, many wild animals and plants here are increasing, thriving and even returning from extinction. We need a strong diverse wild Scotland more than ever – for nature, for our mental health, for our legacy, for the health of the planet itself.
Using the most sophisticated time-lapse, slow motion, aerial and underwater camera systems known, this is the wildlife of Scotland as it marches into the future. From city to coast to island to mountain to the bottom of the ocean, we present a portrait that is both iconic and surprising.

1. Highlands
2. Islands
3. Lowlands