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Director: Thomas Tielsch
Producer: Thomas Tielsch,Filmtank
Writer: Thomas Tielsch
Genres: Documentary
People: Filmtank, Thomas Tielsch
Last Treasures Of The Earth

90' (GER, ENG subs), 52' (ENG)

Before these last indigenous ways of life also have to give way to constant globalisation, we travelled to them - with the aim of making the beauty of their cultures visible to us. But civilization is unstoppable, we see nomads settling down, Indians watching television deep in the forests of the Amazon, while others have begun to defend themselves against the destruction of their habitat, sometimes with help of international organizations.
The nature photographer Markus Mauthe has been travelling our planet for over 30 years, far away from well-known travel routes. For his new project, he spent three years searching for people who, far from our modern world, still live as close as possible to the roots of their indigenous culture and with the cycles of nature.
Magical moments, extreme experiences and impressive pictures await the audience in this film. Mauthe has visited over twenty indigenous tribes in tropical forests, mountains, deserts, on the ocean and in the Arctic ice. In his photographs Markus Mauthe masterfully captures characteristic landscapes, cultural peculiarities of people and special moods. Photographs become works of art, cinematic sequences become captivating adventure stories.

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