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Director: Mirjana Momirović
Producer: DOCDAYS Productions for ZDF/arte
Executive Producer: Antje Boehmert
Writer: Mirjana Momirović
Genres: Documentary
People: Antje Boehmert, DOCDAYS Productions for ZDF/arte, Mirjana Momirović
Into Bulgaria's Mystic Mountains

2 x 52' (ENG), 2 x 45' (GER, FRE)

The Balkan Mountains stretch from the northwest of Bulgaria to the Black Sea coast. Deep valleys edge between the mountain massifs of the Stara Planina, the Old Mountains, as the Balkan Mountains are called in Bulgaria. The massifs extend along a distance of over 600 kilometers, with a pronounced promontory on its northern side and steep slopes to the south. It is defined by passes and cleaved by valleys making the Balkan Mountains multifaceted.

The red “Belogradchik Sandstone Rocks” go up to 200 meters. They were created through tectonic shifts millions of years ago, and now these stone formations extend along a distance of around 30 kilometers. The rocks consist of red sandstone conglomerate, they break easily and are therefore a challenge for every climber. The area is a paradise for climbers: 500 cliffs and nearly 1000 climbing paths. 18-year-old Todor is one of Bulgaria's most talented rock climbers, he has already mastered 200 of them. We follow him mastering the “Finger”, a 70-meter-high cliff. For his companion Angel it is the first time on this cliff.

The Central Balkans are the highest and wildest portion of the Balkan range. Most of the area is protected inside the national park with the same name. In area, it is one of the largest national parks in Europe and one of the last refuges for brown bears. Vladimir Todorov is a biologist who specializes in these large predators. A female bear is caught in the trap of a poacher. We accompany Vladimir in his attempt to save the young bear.

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