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Home > Screenings > Autentic Distribution > In a Sea of Dust and Stars - Hiking Mauritania

Director: Samuel Häde

Producer: elb motion pictures, NDR

Genres: Documentary


Experience absolute freedom, but also what it means to endure heat, thirst and isolation. Samuel Haede's desert adventure becomes a mind-expanding experience unlike any other and enchants with a magic that awakens a deep-rooted longing for freedom even in the most seasoned viewer.
On the longest freight train on earth, he travels from the Atlantic Ocean to the Sahara Desert, where he has to cover the whopping 290km to the oasis settlement of Moudjeria on foot. Through the surreal scenery of endless dune ridges, enveloped in a sea of dust and stars, past the majestic table mountains of the agricultural plateau, Samuel listens to the legends and myths of the Berber nomads in search of the gueltas - the natural waterholes of the Sahara.