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Director: Harald Pokieser

Producer: Terramater Studios, Doclights, National Geographic Channel, Cosmos Factory

Genres: Documentary


In the remote rainforests of Gabon, primate researcher Martha Robbins and her team have achieved an extraordinary feat. They have gained the trust of a group of wild, elusive Western Lowland Gorillas.

Western Lowland Gorillas have been researched extensively in captivity but their behaviour in the wild has been a mystery. Shy by nature, the wild gorillas normally avoid close human contact – until now. Martha Robbins and her team have studied and monitored 16 individuals of the Atananga gorilla group, within Gabon’s Loango National Park for over 15 years. In the early days, they kept their distance from the gorillas. As the team gained their trust, the Atananaga gorillas became more accepting. This documentary presents an intimate look at the silverback Kamaya and his family and features a newborn baby gorilla, brave researchers, forest elephants, buffalos, and the last remaining wild coastline in the African tropics.