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Director: Katrin Molnar, Michael Schmitt, Carmen Knothe, Janina Heckmann
Producer: kornkonzept for ZDF/arte
Executive Producer: Andreas Korn
Writer: Katrin Molnar, Michael Schmitt, Carmen Knothe, Janina Heckmann
Genres: Documentary
People: Andreas Korn, Carmen Knothe, Janina Heckmann, Katrin Molnar, kornkonzept for ZDF/arte, Michael Schmitt
Getting Married!

5 x 30’

Episode 1: Sicily
Rightly one thinks at this Italian wedding of THE dream wedding par excellence: white wedding dress, food and wine to die for as well as Italian party rage. But that's not all: the modern couple reinterprets many Italian customs. Simona and Gaetano have decided not to have a church wedding in Catholic Italy. A few years ago, this would have been a scandal but today a common trend among young Sicilians.

Episode 2: Finland
It is no coincidence that Andreas is travelling to the far north of Europe: he is interested in why the Finns of all people have been voted the happiest nation in the world by the UN. What is their formula for happiness? He not only asks the bridal couple Marjo and Tomi, but also meets a luck researcher and the probably most famous inhabitant of Lapland - Santa Claus.

Episode 3: Ireland
The Irish introduced gay marriage long before other countries by referendum. This surprised the world - Ireland is considered one of the most Catholic countries in Europe. How does it love, live and marry there today? What do the neighbors in the small town say about the couple and the Catholic pastor?

Episode 4: Cyprus
3,000 people have been invited. This is how it should be in the villages where Emine and Cemal grew up. Everyone you know even remotely is invited. Therefore, the couple distributes flyers until one day before the wedding in their home villages and the surrounding area.

Episode 5: Bulgaria
The two scientists Toni and Victor have to manage financially. Therefore, they are forced to make much out of little. Both are very close to nature. So, they decide to make a hike into the mountains for their wedding. Because marriage is a long and difficult road, they believe.

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