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Chicks on Boards

2 x 52', 5 x 30'

Surfing is a magic carpet ride, an ode to a life in freedom. But in some cultures, freedom ends at the shore. Surfers are treated like outcasts. Why? Because those surfers are women: CHICKS ON BOARDS. Soon Sabah will ride her last wave in Gaza. She is going to get married. Then her husband will make decisions for her. Because Aneesha wants to become a surf-pro, she was expelled from her family in India. Suthu is the only black female surfer in the water and in love with another woman – a dangerous mix in South Africa. For safety reasons, women were not permitted at Big Wave Contests in Hawaii. Until Paige turned up. In England, Gwyn is making big waves without realizing it. She was the first in the water – and still is, at 72. CHICKS ON BOARDS is a wild and colourful trip on the silver screen: Where there’s a will there’s a wave. Doerthe takes us to meet courageous people in places dominated by the clash between nature and culture. Surfing is more than a sport: it’s a movement.

CHICKS ON BOARDS is a road movie about female rebels on surfboards claiming freedom against all social odds – even if their passion, surfing, is a provocation of their culture. Surfing is an expression of freedom and infinity. But the seemingly endless freedom between the skies and the waves has clear borders on land. Surfing women are considered an insult across many cultures. Many of them surf secretly and risk a lot for their passion. The film features six outstanding and courageous female surfers. Through their shared passion the camera captures a unique insight into the surfing girls’ lives among adventure, freedom and borders. A cinematic journey into the unique universe and culture of female surfing rebels, who put everything at stake for their passion.

1. India - Waves of Enlightenment
2. South Africa - A Little Love Story
3. Israel and Palestine – Surfing Free
4. France and Britain - Silver Surfers
5. Hawaii – The Challenge

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