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Biking Boom

3 x 30’

Episode 1: Lifestyle
In many European metropolises there is a pulsating and diverse biker scene, in which cycling is honoured, lived and carefully cared for as a lifestyle. Here the bicycle is much more than just a means of transport. So you can see more and more fixies on the streets of Berlin: bikes without gears and without brakes. And in London there are not only bicycle cafés but even a Cycle Speed Dating, where cycling enthusiasts can meet like-minded singles.

Episode 2: Protest
The bicycle is an everyday means of transport. And at the same time it stands for resistance and protest. The second episode of the series shows different forms of demonstrations on bicycles in Los Angeles, London and Berlin. The protest is particularly dangerous in Iran, where a ban on women riding bicycles was declared in 2016. Some Iranian women do not allow themselves to be deterred and use bicycles to fight for their freedom rights.

Episode 3: Art & Pop
The bicycle is a masterpiece. Its shape is poetic, its mechanics perfect and its symbolism is not obsolete. That's why it has inspired artists from all over the world for over a hundred years. Thus the painter Taliah Lempert from New York knows only one motif for her paintings: bicycles. And in Italy, Gianluca Gimini conducts a curious experiment: he asks passers-by to draw a bicycle from memory. Hardly any of these fantasy wheels would be able to ride in reality. But the art world owes Gimini countless new, creative models.

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