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Home > Screenings > Autentic Distribution > Between Andes and Pacific - The North of Chile

Director: Jürgen Hansen, Simone Stripp

Producer: Prospect TV Production, NDR

Genres: Documentary


Northern Chile is a region of extremes. The Atacama, one of the driest and oldest deserts on earth, shapes a large part of the landscape between the Andes and the Pacific. 6,500-metre-high volcanoes of the Andes chain tower majestically over the Altiplano, the highlands over 4,000 metres high, with spectacular salt lakes and a desert landscape reminiscent of the Moon and Mars.
A land of contrasts, the mighty Humboldt Current flows off the coast of Chile, its cold waters providing a fascinating wealth of marine ecosystems. Huge fin whales migrate here along the deserted coast.
The documentary takes the audience on a journey to people for whom this unique landscape is their home.