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Director: Jan Tenhaven

Producer: Hoferichter & Jacobs, Full Glass Media for NDR

Genres: Documentary


For the first time in their lives, Adam and Ida Paluch tell their story to a German film crew. It is an incredible tale about a lifelong quest about identity, loss and the search for belonging – told through interviews and animations illustrating the Jewish twins’ only vague memories. Adam and Ida were three years old when they were separated during the Holocaust.

Adam survived a concentration camp and was later adopted. Ida survived the war hidden by a Polish couple. Both children were baptized, issued fake birth certificates with new names and grew up Catholic. It seemed all but impossible that they would ever reunite. However, the twins always felt “something missing”.

Following a 53-year long journey that took them around the globe, one day Ida believes to recognize her brother on a newspaper photo resembling her grandfather. When the two strangers meet, they are convinced to have found each other at last. “We know it is us”, says Ida. Is it a happy end? Can history be overcome?