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Audiovisual From Spain

Programming Profile

Mission: Becoming Europe's Audiovisual Production Hub


Carmen Jordán, Director of Creative Industries at ICEX Spain Trade and Investment


As the pavillion brand representing the best of Spanish audiovisual content overseas, Audiovisual From Spain’s pockets are filled with productions across all genres and coming both from independent companies and the country’s most important media groups.


Could you please share some insights into the short and medium-term goals that Audiovisual from Spain/ICEX has established?

In our efforts to internationalize the Spanish audiovisual sector, in the short term we will continue to strengthen our presence at key markets. We are increasingly promoting networking encounters among content creators, producers, distributors, and sales agents to facilitate international collaboration and co-production. This enables all parties to establish synergies, develop joint projects, and forge partnerships as future collaborators.

As medium-term goals, we aim to measurably enhance the market share of Spanish content and provide greater exposure for Spanish talent on the international stage. We are also exploring new territories for industry partnerships and will focus on promoting a variety of genres.


Carmen Jordán
Carmen Jordán
Director of Creative Industries
ICEX Spain Trade and Investment

How would you describe the current strategy of Audiovisual From Spain for boosting Spanish content internationally?

First and foremost, we prioritize listening to the needs of both Spanish creators and the demands of international stakeholders interested in our industry. By doing so, we can facilitate more fruitful networking encounters, built not only on project co-production but also on long-term relationships between international industries.

Furthermore, we take into account the specific characteristics of each sector to effectively address each target audience. A deep understanding of each sector provides us with more opportunities to tailor our actions to each event where Audiovisual from Spain is present.

Another cornerstone of our strategy is to analyze content that performs well internationally and stay updated on market trends in order to propose appealing initiatives to international stakeholders. Lastly, we aim to increase visibility by collaborating with other institutions interested in showcasing Spanish audiovisual talent on a global scale.


In which way is Spanish content attractive for the international market?

There is a significant track record of series adapted internationally, spanning many years. In general terms, in the territories where Spanish content has been introduced, market share has remained stable because it appeals to the audience. Furthermore, global streaming platforms have opened up new markets that were virtually unthinkable a few years ago. When it comes to the industry, Spain provides excellent co-production opportunities. Among many things, technical teams are highly skilled and production costs lower than those of other international projects.


The Spanish companies offer content in a wide array of genres. What would you say are the strongest genres in your offer and why?

We can affirm that in Spain, we have a diverse range of content catering to all target audiences. Pocoyo is the most internationally recognized Spanish animation IP, and in the realm of fiction, series like Money Heist or Elite (already in its seventh season) have caused a revolution in global audiences in recent years. As mentioned earlier, Spain boasts exceptional content creators, from writers and directors to technical teams that measure up to major international productions. We are now witnessing the well-deserved recognition of this talent.