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Audible Live

Content London 2021

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Content London, Dec 1st, 5-6pm

Audible presents: Miranda Sawyer in conversation with Jed Mercurio, Chris Brandon, Andy Goddard, Claire Broughton, Jane MacSorely and Nicky Woolf. Join writer and audio critic of the Observer, Miranda Sawyer, in conversation with podcast hosts, journalists, writers and executive producers from some of the most celebrated Audible Original podcasts from this year. Speaking to Nicky Woolf, host of Finding Q: My Journey into QAnon and Jane MacSorley, host of Death at Deepcut, the panel took a deep dive into what it takes to make a compelling investigative podcast. For the second half of the evening, the creators of audio thriller Zoetrope, Jed Mercurio (Body Guard, Critical, Bodies), Chris Brandon (Bloodlands, Red Rock), Claire Broughton (Head of Podcasts, Hat Trick) and Andy Goddard (The Sink, BBC Studios) broke down how they created the gripping fast-paced series and the difference of producing for TV versus audio.