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AtresMedia TV

Company overview

ATRESMEDIA TV INTERNATIONAL SALES distributes the premium content catalogue of Atresmedia, the media leader group in Spain, with a key position in every sector – TV&Cinema.

Company contact

Address: Av. Isla Graciosa, 13
San Sebastián de los Reyes

Programming Profile

The Atresmedia Seal


José Antonio Salso, head of acquisitions and sales, Atresmedia TV


One of the key Spanish television players both in broadcast TV and streaming, Atresmedia rides the wave of non-English content production in a country that has taught the international market a few lessons on how to attract investments and become a convenient and valuable audiovisual hub.

The company’s head of acquisitions and sales, José Antonio Salso, mentions a few samples of Spanish stories that are paving their way on international screens, especially fiction, and states that the company will “continue with its strategy of launching new content during the early stages of production” in order to boost pre-sales.



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Miguel García Sánchez Sales Director
AtresMedia TV

Laura Sampedro Sales Manager
AtresMedia TV

Jose Antonio Salso Head of Acquisitions and Sales
AtresMedia TV