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Dozhd, It's Raining On Moscow


In Dozhd’s studio, a huge loft located in an old perfume factory in Moscow, the office of Natalia Sindeeva, 50 years old, overhangs the workspace. Her statute of the oligarch’s wife promised her a sweet life, comfortable and full of opulence. She could buy anything, travel, and even live abroad. One day, in 2010, she decided to create a news channel different from the others in her country, “common,” “boring,” and corrupted by the government propaganda. She is now at the head of Russia’s most-watched disobedient media.
Nobody thought she could make it, but five years later, the channel still resists, in an ever darker climate. In her daily fight, Natalia is helped by Tikhon, 28-year-old Dozhd’ TV program presenter and star, who already has great experience as an independent journalist. Tikhon makes the bridge between the editorial staff and the CEO; he transmits the important information to Natalia and the boring directives to the journalists. They can be seen sometimes in a corner of the room, talking. This responsibility doesn’t leave Tikhon a lot of time to work on his speech for the TV program.
Timour, 30 years old, with a very different background, is the reckless reporter of the channel. He takes a small camera and his iPad, and goes all over the Ukraine, determined to show the Russians what is going on on the other side of the war. Timour doesn’t wear fancy clothes like his colleagues, doesn’t speak like them, he looks incongruous at Dozhd’. Timour’s general appearance is somewhere between the dissident Soviet and the scruffy nerd. He is a free spirit, ultra lucid and nonconformist, who risks everything, as if he had nothing to lose, with a high sense of showmanship. Everyday he reports the situation. He is free and works at Dozhd’ because he couldn’t stand to submit himself to censorship, and there finds the opportunity to work the way he wants.

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