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Producer: Zone 3
Genres: Format, Reality
People: Zone 3
Single Parents Cruising

11 x 60

Life for single parents is never easy, but looking for a love that will work for the whole family is even harder. In Single Parents Cruising, one single mom and one single dad will set sail on a 10-day cruise for the chance to find love. Once on board, 10 other single parent suitors will join them as they compete to sweep them off their feet. The contenders must overcome a range of challenges to gain special alone time with each single parent in spectacular and exotic locations. But it’s not as simple as just winning each other’s hearts… each parent is joined by their children and the suitors must win them over too! Which suitor will be cast away in each episode’s elimination happy hour? Will the single parents find true love and create a united family? Cruising for love has never been so much fun!

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