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Director: Russell Vines
Producer: Shaun Micallef,Russell Vines
Executive Producer: Russell Vines
Cast: Shaun Micallef
Genres: Comedy, Documentary, Entertainment, Factual
People: Russell Vines, Shaun Micallef
Shows: Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven
Companies: Argonon International
Shaun Micallef’s Stairway to Heaven


Comedian Shaun Micallef journeys into worlds of extreme faith on four extraordinary spiritual adventures. He visits the Ganges in search of Hindu guidance, a spirit healing-psychic surgeon in Brazil, The Mormon Church in Salt Lake City including outcast Polygamists in the Utah Desert and he explores Armageddon with Born Again Doomsday Preppers from the U.S. to Jerusalem’s temple mount. This is his adventure out of suburban Australia on a quest to find the meaning of life itself. Episodes able to be sold separately. 

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